list of books 2013

This page contains an overview of the books I have read so far this year, both English and Dutch books. This page is always under construction...

Lieve Céline - Hanna Bervoets

A nice and easy-reading book from Dutch author Hanna Bervoets, about a girl who is a major fan of Céline Dion and who lets nothing stop her to fulfill her biggest wish: watching her show in Las Vegas.

Pekingeend bij nacht - Sylvia Witteman

Funny and thought provoking columns from Sylvia Witteman.

Vinexvrouwen - Naima El Bezaz

Provoking work of a moroccon woman who resides in a 'vinex' area, a new housing estate, and who shares her experiences with and observations of the residents in this neighbourhood.

The lost boy - Camilla Läckberg

Sixth book in the series of Camilla Lackberg on inspector Patrik Hedstrom and his wife Erica Falck.

Tolstoy and the purple chair - Nina Sankovitch

The author decided, after the death of her sister, to take a break from the ungoing demands of everyday life, by committing herself to reading one book a day over the course of one year.

En jij dan? - Cathy Kelly

Rose's three daughters discover the meaning and value of family and love as they are confronted with their parents' marriage troubles.

The mistress's daughter - A.M. Homes

The author's memoir on meeting her birthparents.

Alles wat er was - Hanna Bervoets

Eight persons are locked into a schoolbuilding after an unknown explosion. Relationships alter as time goes by...

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